SI2 Fund invests in digital home assistance platform Helpper

SI2 fund proudly announces the newest addition to its portfolio: Helpper. Through a digital matchmaking platform, Helpper connects vulnerable people in need of home assistance with helpful neighbours. The investment and expertise of SI2 Fund serve to support the social business in scaling its impact.

Since 2017, Helpper works to address the growing demand for home care. People living with a disability or chronic disease and elderly individuals often need help with day-to-day tasks, such as grocery shopping, a ride to the doctor and paperwork, or are simply looking for someone to spend some quality time with. These tasks usually fall outside the scope of the traditional home care sectors as a result of restricted budgets, a heavy workload and personnel shortage.

The need for home support can easily be met by neighbours. Via the Helpper website or app, people in need of assistance (‘helppies’) can get in touch with caring locals looking to help out (‘helppers’), who receive a modest financial compensation in return. Without any additional societal costs, Helpper thus tackles social exclusion while giving the opportunity to reconnect with people in the neigbourhood.

François Gerard, founder of Helpper, is proud with the results achieved so far and the new partnership with SI2 Fund: “Since the launch of the platform in 2017 more than 1250 helppies and 3200 helppers have registered. Over 150 000 hours of non-medical assistance have been provided. With the funding and expertise of SI2 Fund next to the capital increase of our investor of the first hour Carevolution, Helpper will be able to further improve its service and broaden its geographic scope. We are glad to have a new partner on board that shares our ambition to make informal care accessible to those in need ”

Pieter Oostlander, fund manager of SI² Fund, is equally enthusiastic: “Because of societal and demographic developments there is a growing need of assistance at home. With the support of the neighbourhood vulnerable people are able to live longer at home independently. Helpper came up with an innovative solution with a major positive impact on all people involved and therefore fits perfectly into our portfolio. By financially supporting, sharing business and impact expertise and opening up our network, we plan to scale Helpper’s impact.”