SI2 Fund invests in fair collection together with the ING Netherlands Foundation

Together with the ING Netherlands Foundation, SI2 Fund invests in Faircasso. Faircasso, a Rotterdam-based collection agency, is focusing on sustainable change in the debt collection industry.

Faircasso BV was founded with the ambition to change the debt collection industry in a sustainable way. With a specific, people-oriented approach, Faircasso has an aversion to increasing the debts of private debtors. With their social mission, they have managed to attract the ING Netherlands Foundation and SI2 Fund as new lenders.

“I am moved by the poverty and the personal suffering that goes with debt. After a career at a large collection company, I realized that things must and can be done differently. With Faircasso, part of the costs are passed on to the client, because high collection costs are a major cause of increasing debts: We don’t bring people down, we help them up.”
(Jaime Jorba Bos, founder and CEO Faircasso)

“The SI2 fund team is proud and delighted to work with Faircasso to ensure the growth of the company. As a social investor, we believe Faircasso’s mission is a perfect fit with the SI2 fund’s objective to achieve a more equal, just and fairer world,” said Jamy Goewie, partner of Shaerpa Fund management and investment manager at SI2 fund.

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