Sharing the Passion April 19th

Last month we hosted a Sharing the Passion event at our brand new office in Brussels. Shareholders, investors, social entrepreneurs and the SI² Fund team participated in round tables about several topics that are crucial to any business, and a social enterprise in particular.

Pieter Oostlander giving a presentation, impact investing in BelgiumThe Sharing the Passion was kicked off by Pieter Oostlander, our fund manager. Pieter explained how important the Sharing the Passion events are in allowing our shareholders to engage with the SI² Fund portfolio companies.  Our shareholders and social entrepreneurs meeting and exchanging ideas, experiences and visions is a significant added value in the development and growth of the fund’s portfolio companies.

During the Sharing the Passion events, our shareholders also learn about the impact they are helping our social entrepreneurs to achieve.

After the introduction, several topics were addressed during round table discussions. The topics were carefully chosen by our team to allow the shareholders and investors to share their expertise with the social entrepreneurs. Very interesting conversations arose and we believe everyone got a lot out of it. Here are a few topics, among others, that were discussed:

  • Structuring sales, CRM, incentivizing team.
  • Online & offline branding
  • SROI as a management instrument
  • Customer feedback to improve quality

As a conclusion, we would like to say that the event would not have been such a success without the participation of the entrepreneurs and shareholders. We are happy to see such enthusiasm to share knowledge and meaningful conversations coming from both parties. Our whole team thanks everyone who took part in the event and is looking forward to seeing them again for the next edition of Sharing the Passion.