‘Sharing the Passion’ about scaling impact enterprises

On the 11th of June, we welcomed the SI2 Fund and Shaerpa Foundation community at the ‘Sharing the Passion’ event in the Impact House in Brussels. 

The Sharing the Passion event series brings together SI2 Fund portfolio companies, its shareholders and a select group of experts and practitioners in the field of social entrepreneurship and impact investing, with the aim to exchange insights and expertise regarding our common passion. This edition tackled a question that many social entrepreneurs and impact investors ask themselves sooner or later: “How to scale an impact enterprise?”. How to increase revenue ànd positive societal impact in a synchronized way? 

After a short introduction of the present impact companies, we gave the floor to Menno van Dijk, founder of both THNK and ScaleUpNation. Many years of experience and extensive research led up to an enlightening presentation on scale-up success factors, the opportunities that impact-oriented businesses can leverage and the pitfalls to avoid. In the afternoon, our team member Wim Verbeek highlighted pathways for scaling impact as such, from defining an endgame to choosing a structure fit for scaling. Both presentations provided plenty of food for thought to discuss at the guided brainstorming sessions. Last but not least, investment analyst Lina Benmehrez topped off the program sharing best practices on impact measurement and management, a practice allowing businesses to develop and scale solutions that create the most value.   

We were very glad to see the participants getting the most out of the experience: a lot of tools, inspiration and new connections.