Justice42: new investment of SI² Fund

Screenshot of uitelkaar.nl website, the online dispute resolution platform of justice42, an investment of SI² FundWe are proud to announce the SI² Fund’s recent investment in Justice42 (“J42”, justice for two). J42 is a system changer in dispute resolution offering guided mediation via an online platform with expert and case managers available to help where needed. This approach delivers a better resolution service than the current lawyer/court centric process. Instead of the tournament model where two lawyers fight for their clients, the clients themselves are led through the mediation process seeking the best solution for both parties – hence the name.

J42 is a spinout from the HiiL foundation and focuses on product development, marketing and service delivery for online dispute resolution. The first type of disputes is divorce delivered in the Netherlands via the website www.uitelkaar.nl. A new software version with the latest insights embedded went online on September 8th 2017. The new approach to divorce was validated in a pilot handling over 900 cases with a much higher satisfaction level compared to the traditional process. Lawyers, Judges, the Raad voor Rechtbijstand, and many more stakeholders were involved in the pilot. As of today, the pilot is over and J42 as a business started.

Divorce is a major event with high (negative) impact in the life of the (ex-) partners and particularly the children. The new approach helps them to find the best solutions for all of them. We expect Social Return via lower health, educational, and employment problems. The government will also benefit as this approach lowers the costs of legal aid and health care, and makes people more self-reliant.

J42 also plans other types of disputes to follow in the future like tenant, labour and neighbour disputes. These new developments are often in cooperation with the HiiL foundation. International expansion is certainly possible as well. Not only other European countries show interest; also, African nations see this approach as a major opportunity to improve their legal system.