Meet Solifin, the first Belgian platform for sustainable finance

We proudly announce the launch of Solifin, a Belgian network of sustainable finance providers. Together with six actors in the field, SI2 Fund initiated the Solifin platform to strengthen collaboration and facilitate the access to information and financing for enterprises which contribute to tackling societal challenges.

The platform helps impact-oriented entrepreneurs find their way through the maze of funding solutions. Either via the website or at monthly matchmaking sessions they can explore their options and connect with finance providers. Furthermore, the network stimulates sustainable financing actors active in Belgium to work together and aims to inspire other investors (citizens and professionals) to integrate their practices. In short, Solifin strives to establish a Belgian ecosystem of sustainable finance.

SI2 Fund, Credal, Scale-Up, Citizenfund,, Triodos and Village Finance kicked-off the creation of Solifin. The network continues to grow, gathering a wide range of actors such as banks, credit institutions, funds, foundations and crowd platforms as well as partner organisations such as incubators, start-up studios, coaches and public authorities.

Are you looking for funding for your enterprise? Or do you want become part of the sustainable finance network? Opportunities await on the Solifin platform: