Justice42 declared one of the winners of the Start-up in Residence Program 

Our portfolio company Justice42 recently won of one of the categories of the Start-up in Residence Program of the Dutch ministry responsible for justice and security.  

The Start-up in Residence Program challenges start-ups to come up with solutions to social issues in the field of justice and security. One of the issues to tackle was that lawyers are often faced with non-legal issues, as well as problems that could have been prevented through earlier intervention. This causes a lot of extra work and generates costs for society. Justice42 ended up number one for its solution to the challenge of finding a tool that provides insight in solving real problems, including the legal one. Developing such mechanisms is at the heart of what Justice42 does. They proposed an online diagnostic tool, which was selected out of many others.  

Winning the competition gives Justice42 the opportunity to participate in an intensive five-month program including training, funding and coaching. In the upcoming months, the company will work closely together with the Ministry of Justice and Security, the commissioning partners and other stakeholders to develop the online diagnostic tool.  In July, a prototype will be officially presented.  

It seems Justice42 is increasingly gaining recognition, as the company was already mentioned earlier in a report concerning the state of innovation in justice and security issued by the ministry (p. 16) and in the UN report of the taskforce on Justice (p. 13). It’s online divorce platform uitelkaar.nl is considered an inspiring case of innovation.  

Reasons enough for SI2 Fund to be proud. We are rooting for a successful outcome of a productive Start-up in Residence Program.