Impact Now – A new event series dedicated to positive societal impact

In February 2019 Impact Now, a new initiative counting SI2 Fund among its partners, is kicking off.

Impact Now is a series of participative events dedicated to positive societal impact, with the Sustainable Development Goals as a common thread. It arose from the conviction that we can only solve the challenges humanity faces if we place societal impact at the center of every action, on all levels, from citizens to enterprises, investors, organizations, institutions and public authorities.

Every Impact Now event offers an all-round program aimed to inform, inspire and accelerate collaborations that change society for the better.  There will be a hackathon and workshops addressing a variety of topics revolving around the common theme of societal impact creation. These interactive sessions alternate with keynotes of powerful speakers such as Sihame El Kaouakibi, Piet Colruyt, Emmanuel Mossay and Guibert Del Marmol, as wel as a round table about investing in the SDGs featuring the SI2 Fund team. The program also includes pitch sessions by the most impactful enterprises of the region, showing how they generate societal impact daily. Participants can end the day networking at the ‘garden of innovation’, where several organizations and companies that put societal impact creation at the core of their activities, among which SI2 Fund, will be represented at a stand.

You can join SI2 Fund on the road to positive change by signing up for Impact Now in Charleroi (11/02) , Ghent (20/3), Liège (26/04), Antwerp (22/05) or Brussels (TBA). More information can be found on To see the program of a specific city and buy tickets, click on this link.