Bluesquare company visit

As part of the ‘Sharing the Passion’ program, Bluesquare welcomed curious entrepreneurs, investors and sympathizers in its new offices for an afternoon presentation by the CEO and its team on past, present and future developments of the company.

Recently established in the Hive5 coworking & community space in Brussels, the team of Bluesquare opened its doors to visitors for an inspiring presentation of the company’s journey towards building a thriving multi-solutions healthcare data company.

Living up to the mission of delivering innovative technology for better lives, Bluesquare explained how the company moved from a Result-Based Financing data solutions to a modular approach integrating complementary solutions such as a public-facing dashboard to monitor performance of international health programs and a mobile application for effective data collection.

The company visit attracted several entrepreneurs and investors as well as curious sympathizers interested in understanding the challenges and opportunities of working in the healthcare tech industry with some of the largest Development Finance Institutions and NGO’s working on providing better healthcare systems in the world.