Boobs ‘n’ Burps – Seven years of impact

After seven years of service Boobs ‘n’ Burps societal adventure is over. The venture, that has reached the size of 5 shops in Belgium plus a web shop brought a social return of 3,07 ; a societal impact more than 3 times as high as the input. We were right in our assessment that longer breastfeeding by young mothers have a very positive impact in society. Profitability however was by far not in sight, and a continuation of the service was therefore not possible.

SI2 Fund is proud it has contributed to the worthwhile attempt to prolong breastfeeding. For those who were triggered and helped by Boobs ‘n’ Burps it has made a lasting impact.

Picture of the inside of a B'n'B store for the homepage slider.             Boobs 'n Burps logo.