We envision a world where entrepreneurs and investors engage in addressing society’s pressing problems, creating Societal Impact through Sustainable Investments.


We believe that many societal problems can be solved if we put our minds, energy and resources behind it. We support our investees not only with tailored financing, but also with strategic advice, coaching, active board representation and access to networks.

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We support ambitious entrepreneurs tackling pressing societal challenges with innovative or system-changing business models.

We strive for sustainable societal change, building by building financially viable ventures with lasting impact-focused missions, that can thrive over the long-term

We use our deep expertise in impact measurement and management to help our portfolio companies understand and maximise the impact they create.

Our team of experienced professionals brings know-how and perspectives from various backgrounds.

We offer access to a strong European network, giving access to knowledge connections across sectors and geographies.

We offer our investors the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and effectively share their experience with our portfolio companies.


Integrated approach to lasting vitality of people and organisation

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The world’s first civic crowdfunding platform


Technologies to improve impact of development aid programs

Peer-to-peer platform for home support

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The online divorce resolution tool


digital and financial inclusion

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  As an impact-first investment fund, shaping a more sustainable, healthy and inclusive society is at the very core of SI2 Fund’s mission. Using impact measurement and management, we turn aspirations into tangible results. We support our portfolio companies in mapping the societal value they create, and help them reach their full impact potential. The insights that come from impact measurement, enable our entrepreneurs to identify ways to improve the product and grow the company, which in turn, leads to more impact. That’s how we work towards strong, sustainable solutions, ...

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Together with the ING Netherlands Foundation, SI2 Fund invests in Faircasso. Faircasso, a Rotterdam-based collection agency, is focusing on sustainable change in the debt collection industry. Faircasso BV was founded with the ambition to change the debt collection industry in a sustainable way. With a specific, people-oriented approach, Faircasso has an aversion to increasing the debts of private debtors. With their social mission, they have managed to attract the ING Netherlands Foundation and SI2 Fund as new lenders. “I am moved by the poverty and the personal suffering that goes ...

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The drive to change society for the better is at the very heart of SI2 Fund. Since the very start in 2012, we have been bringing our A-game to support ventures offering solutions for the societal challenges of our time. In this report, we share – for the very first time – a look behind the scenes of our impact journey, the results as well as our way of working. “We are convinced of the power of impact measurement and management to strengthen impact ànd business. With this impact report, we ...

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