SI² Fund recognises that sometimes good business opportunities need support to fully develop their plans before receiving outside investments. For the most promising opportunities, short-term costs to coaching should not be a barrier to long term achievement. SI² Fund is partnered with Oksigen Accelerator, to facilitate access to coaching for low cost, and with Oksigen Lab, an incubator focused on the support of social enterprises.

Oksigen Accelerator is a rolling fund of 400K euro that allows coaching to be delivered at low out-of-pocket cost to the social entrepreneur initially. This nominal fee is not enough to cover the full expense of the coaching – should the social entrepreneur be successful in receiving funding within a reasonable timeframe, the full cost of the coaching must be paid. This replenishes the fund and ensures that more entrepreneurs are able to take advantage of this support. However, if the entrepreneur does not receive external investment within a reasonable timeframe or the coaching is not successfull, no additional payments are required and the Accelerator covers the gap.