SI² Fund closed its second investment in July 2013. SI² Fund provided a funding package to Boobs-‘n-Burps.

Boobs-‘n-Burps, founded in 2010, has taken up the mission to increase breastfeeding rates and bring as much breastfeedings as possible to a long-lasting success. The stores specialise in items such as nursing bras and clothes that take all the stuffiness and old-fashioned image out of breastfeeding. Shoppers can browse through state-of-the-art breast pumps and other lactation supplies, removed from the negative perceptions of agony and torture – all combined with expert advice. Courses and personal “SOS Boob” guidance are also a fixture with Boobs-’n-Burps with an eye to achieving easy, long-term breastfeeding.

At the present time, Boobs-’n-Burps has two retail outlets, one close to Brussels (Dilbeek) and the other in Antwerp, plus an international webshop.


“We have developed our company from zero, investing and reinvesting every euro,” Roeline Ham (CEO) explains. “Growing with the limitations of only your own resources is not easy. We needed a partner who believed in what we are doing. We are very happy about the partnership with SI2 because they also want to promote breastfeeding – rather than just looking at their short-term profit.” 

Boobs-‘n-Burps will use the capital invested to expand its network of stores over the next 3 years, as well as to make a contribution towards increasing its social impact. In practical terms, Boobs-‘n-Burps will focus on developing projects designed to encourage mothers to keep breastfeeding for longer. It will do this through a combination of programmes to support breastfeeding among the disadvantaged and poorly educated women, as well as by helping to improve and reinforce the framework for motivating and caring for all breastfeeding mothers.

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