The SI² Fund considers early (non-seed) and later stage development ventures whose primary focus is the creation of significant societal change. We pay particular attention to the following when considering a potential investment:

  • Mission-driven: primary, clear objective to achieve significant social change.
  • Target social domain: fit with the expertise of the SI² Fund team, namely tackling challenges in one or more of the following six societal domains: demography, community, poverty, environment, health and well being, and ethical goods and services.
  • Integrated business model: generating social impact is an essential and necessary part of the enterprise’s business model.
  • Strong financial case: clear plan to attain financial viability and to generate a fair return for investors based on a solid business plan.
  • Team: a strong and committed management team.

In addition, successful investments will allow for good deal structure for all parties, with exit potential for the SI2 Fund.